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Are you breaking the L8 Law on water?

You must be compliant with L8 Legionnaires water regulations and new laws which are updated and listed every month. PortawaterUK is part of a group which is updated and informed of new law changes so you can rely on us to keep your building water legal. Badly managed water hygiene can lead to unwanted lawsuits when individuals get ill or plant equipment goes wrong. This happens more often than you would imagine.

Acop L8 Water Treatment Regime Management

The L8 law on water is becoming more serious than ever and we can offer the following standard services and more to help you comply.

  • Hot/Cold Water Systems – flushing, temperature monitoring, shower de-scaling and tank inspections
  • Cooling Tower Compliance – managed to keep your towers compliant.
  • All Other Systems – water features, humidification systems, swimming pools, spas and process water.

Microbiological sampling and analysis

The importance of regular testing is the forefront of controlling water hygiene within buildings.

  • Regular or bi-annual water sampling for hot and cold water supplies.
  • Cold water tank and raw water break tank testing.
  • Regular temperature testing of cold water storage tanks with annual or bi-annual inspections.

Chemical Cleaning

Regular maintenance of high usage points on water works is key to sustaining the building services.

  • Regular shower head de-scales and disinfection’s.
  • Annual tank chlorination’s to comply with water regulations.
  • Emergency testing and chlorination reacting to sample result

Read more on Chemical Cleaning here

Cleaning and Disinfection

All types of pipework, tanks, cooling towers, dialysis equipment and more need regular disinfection to avoid build of un wanted bacteria. It also complies with L8 law.

  • Disinfection of new pipe work and equipment
  • Cleaning and Disinfection of water storage tanks to ACOP L8 and BS6700
  • Disinfection of hot and cold water supply down services to ACOP L8
  • Cleaning and Disinfection of cooling towers and evaporative condensers
  • A disinfection certificate is issued for the site log book on completion

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