Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Filtration & Plant Installation including maintenance


Filter maintenance keeps your pool water sparkling and clean, free of impurities and too many chemicals. It makes your water safe to swim in and that’s peace of mind for you. Three types of filtration:


  • High-rate sand filtration
  • Low-rate sand filtration
  • Cartridge filtration


Portawater provide complete pool services with design and install, along with a full pool valeting service, inclusive of chemical supply. We offer a manual chemical chlorine dosing service, automatic dosing equipment, and salt generation equipment to sterilise your pool.

Heating of the pool can be via a standard heat exchanger using heat via a boiler or we can supply and fit heat pumps which extrude heat from the atmosphere, resulting in low cost pool heating.


For ultimate clean and sterile water, we offer a range of ultraviolet systems to circulate the pool via the main circulation pump.

We can visit on a call-out basis, but suggest a contract is agreed to cover weekly, monthly calls to valet the pool, check PH and chlorine levels, and make sure the pumps are working efficiently.

Feel free to call for a visit from one of our engineers to discuss your actual needs.

Every swimming pool, be it domestic, hotel, golf club, spa or municipal, requires to be back-washed regularly to maintain water quality with huge water wastage.

Obviously the water contains chlorine due to the pool being dosed with it, to sterilise the water. The general feeling is that as the waste water contains chemical, it cannot be re-used for any other purpose than waste.

This water can be fully conditioned and re-used by simply removing the chlorine with neutralising agents, then stored in a storage tank for re-use. This water can be used for any purpose required.

*Each project can be looked at on an individual basis and discussed to suit the application.