Ultra Violet Systems

Our UV systems are ideal for treating private water supplies. Ultraviolet water filters are highly efficient at killing bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms that can be found in un-treated water.


The way they work is by passing water through a chamber which is flooded with Ultra Violet light.

The UV light shines powerfully through water passing along the unit destroying the cell’s DNA thereby neutralising i

UV systems are important and complicated systems which should be designed by professionals. Innovating technology at Portawater has allowed us to patent a unique self clean UV design negating the need to replace lamps as often and solving the problem of having to remove the quartz sleeve for cleaning.

Ideal for grey waste water, to ensure there is no fogging of the quartz sleeve reducing the lamp’s intensity.

Ideal for areas where low maintenance is required, without the need to remove the quartz sleeve to clean and reduce any breakages of the quartz.

Ideal for food manufacturing companies, medical and pharmaceutical production where high output to remove contaminates is essential.

Units are currently used by Trinity Lighthouse Services installed on five lighthouses to date.

PortawaterUK manufacture and install manual and fully automatic self cleaning UV water sterilisation equipment for ultimate reliability and efficiency.

For effective efficient sterilisation of water it is paramount to keep the internal quartz tube clean, this maximises the UV dose that the water is subjected to.

Portawater UK manufacture two types of automatic cleaning systems.

The first type is a hydraulically powered wiper system. The flow of water passes through the reaction chamber which is reversed using a four flow valve system, this in turn pushes a wiper assembly that cleans the quartz tube with the UV lamp inside. The valves are switched at a pre-determined interval (based on quality of water and contamination) to action the cleaning cycle. The correct cleaning cycle will ensure that the radiation from the UV lamp will be maximised and not reduced by contamination of the quartz tube.

The second type is a motor driven system. Inside the reaction chamber is a mechanical wiper assembly that when activated traverses the length of the chamber, the cleaning is performed by the use of a lead screw and planitary gear system that drives a cleaning head along the quartz tube and at the same time rotates to ensure complete cleaning. The correct cleaning cycle (based on quality of water and contamination) will ensure that the radiation from the UV lamp will be maximised and not reduced by contamination of the quartz tube.