Chemical Dosing Systems for Water Treatment

Chemical dosing is a form of water treatment that regulates your water’s hygiene by releasing precisely measured quantities of chemicals directly into the system.
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Cooling Water Dosing Equipment

Cooling towers can be high risk areas for the accelerated growth of harmful bacteria like Legionella which is why they require strict monitoring to ensure their hygiene level is in accordance with the Health & Safety Executive’s approved code of practice. To prevent any bacteria breakouts, cooling towers can be fitted with dosing equipment which releases chemicals for water treatment when any unwanted change is detected.

By using chemical dosing equipment within your cooling water system you can also eliminate many common issues like corrosion and the formation of scale and biofilm. The chemicals frequently used to combat these issues include biocides, corrosion inhibitors, sodium hypochlorite and bromine.

Chemical Dosing Pumps

Chemical dosing pumps are highly precise instruments that push chemical solutions out of a holding chamber and into the water supply when required. This process is becoming increasingly automated and can work in combination with a sensor so that the pump is able to adjust its dosage depending on the water’s current condition.

Nowadays there are many different types of pumps available, and it is important to choose the appropriate one for your water system. For chemical dosing, typically there are three main types of pump:

  • Piston-diaphragm
  • Peristaltic
  • Progressive cavity

Boiler Water Dosing Equipment & Control Systems

Without regular testing and treatment, corrosion and scale formation within your boiler can decrease its efficiency and in extreme cases lead to failure. To remove the impurities that lead to these commonly encountered issues, chemical treatment is usually required.

Installing an effective dosing and control system is the recommended method for administering any chemical water treatment within a boiler system, as the equipment is easy to set up and built to last. With the correct equipment in place you can not only prevent issues like scale but help to keep operating costs low through the system’s continual efficiency.

Chemical Dosing Pots

Chemical dosing pots are the safest and most efficient way to feed chemicals or corrosion inhibitors into a closed hot or cold water system.

Dosing pots are a perfect fit for a closed water system as their installation requires no interruption to its operation. Once the dosing pot is up and running, it can then facilitate the on-going maintenance of your water’s hygiene.

To ensure the chemicals are able to enter the supply easily, the dosing pots are usually placed across the main flow or in front of any pipework that brings water back into the system.

If chemical dosing pots are used correctly within a water system, they can help to improve its efficiency, reduce energy costs and increase the life span of any equipment in use.