Dosing Systems

Effective cooling tower dosing system to control your cooling water chemical treatment programme is essential if problems with corrosion, scale formation and Legionnaires’ Disease are to be avoided.


Combat legionella, stop scale formation, and keep you within the L8 legionella requirements. Also, where bore hole systems are used, dosing of chlorine dosing systems can be used to disinfect supplies as towns mains supplies are.

The dosing of chemicals must be correctly applied, and with associate companies that supply the chemicals required, we can offer the perfect solution to all your dosing requirements.

For use on cooling towers, the most used chemicals are:

Corrosion inhibitors


Sodium hypochlorite


Chlorine dioxide units can be supplied for the disinfection of town mains water. Water is to be introduced into large water storage tanks prior to being distributed around the building. An alternative to bore hole water and tank water disinfection is to use our UV systems which are, of course, chemical-free.