Chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning uses a variety of acidic and alkaline solutions to combat the build-up of bacteria and scale within a water system.

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What is Chemical Cleaning?

Chemical cleaning is a type of water treatment that uses chemical solutions to remove any harmful scale or deposits from a water supply, improving its quality and hygiene.

While this process is entirely chemical in its function, it is common for chemical cleaning to be accompanied by physical forms of water treatment and filtration.

Overall chemical cleaning is considered a very effective method of water purification as it can be implemented without dismantling equipment and it can reach parts of the system that physical methods might miss.

While this form of treatment is widely used in water systems across the country, we do recommend that all chemical cleaning operations are set up and administered by an experienced professional who can ensure that approved practices and standards are being met.

Why Chemical Cleaning Is Important?

The benefits of chemical cleaning are two-fold.

By controlling the contaminants present in the supply, chemical cleaning prevents the build-up of scale and corrosion which could harm the performance of the system and lead to higher operational costs for the building owner.

In domestic and commercial water systems, the removal of sludge and bacteria like Legionella also improves the supply’s hygiene and ensures that it remains fit for purpose.

Different Types of Chemical Cleaning

With chemical cleaning, we’d recommend breaking this down into two stages: pre-operational and post-operational.

By carrying out a thorough chemical clean prior to putting the system into use, you can ensure that all deposits that could affect performance are removed. Consequently this also improves the effectiveness of further chemical cleaning once the system is in use.

The type of chemical cleaning your system needs will depending on the health of your supply and any problems you are currently encountering. Most commonly, this type of water treatment is used for limestone removal to prevent scale build-up, biofilm removal and Legionella disinfection.

The regularity with which a system needs chemical cleaning will also vary, so to ensure you stay in line with health and safety protocols we recommend frequent sampling and testing.