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Portawater are the UK leading specialists in water treatment services in Essex. Our innovative solutions cover the treatment of industrial and process waters.

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Services that work at the source

Water treatment services involve the conditioning & treatment of water to make sure it is fit for purpose.  For instance water which is supplied by the local water authority has to be treated with various chemicals to make sure it is fit for human consumption by the time it has travelled from source to your kitchen tap to kill parasites, bacteria, and viruses. 

The right chemicals, plant, knowledge and expertise are required to professionally care for water. This is a very varied area that involves a water treatment plant to deliver the quality of water required for whichever process is required removing the contaminates from the water supply to deliver the end product. 

Systems which serve a purpose

Water treatment systems are varied and many. Depending on the desired purpose for the water being processed by the water treatment system would decide the type of system you would need. For instance in a household environment in which scale is present due to hardness in the water a water softener would be recommended to be installed. This particular system acts like a sponge removing the calcium and magnesium which cause the deposits and build up of scale in household boilers, kettles, shower heads and so on.

Many of the plants which make up water treatment systems are varied and work hand in hand with both the service, process & system.

The process of making water fit for purpose

The water treatment process runs in 2 planes. The first is the process of taking water from a source such as an organic place like a lake (raw water) and processing the water for use in human consumption in general use, as we access it everyday. The second process is broken down into many other processes which involve different ways of processing water for different purposes for commercial, manufacturing, medical and many other purposes.

Depending on the process required the technology of the plant is adjusted to suit the purpose of use of the water.

Why? Bacteria in water, even the type which we consume on a minute basis in drinking water daily that don’t affect us can be extremely dangerous when present in the manufacturing of anything as the product gives these bacteria the perfect place to breed over time.

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Services we offer

3 decades of knowledge & experience

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Water hygiene

Preserving the health of water systems by taking evasive action.

Water Softeners

Improve your water through a process called ion exchange.

Reverse Osmosis

Removes contaminants from water by using a semipermeable membrane.

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Water Filters

Remove impurities from water such as sediment & more.

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Water Fountains

We install & service water fountains around the country.

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Dosing Systems

Chemical dosing maintains healthy heating systems.

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Swimming Pools

Maintenance including servicing and chemical dosing.

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UV Systems

Ultraviolet is the most effective method for disinfecting water.

bespoke water works

Bespoke Works

Supply, install, service and repair all types of water treatment plant.

Our Clients

Clients range from Hospitals, Dentists, Golf Clubs, Hotels, Schools, Food Distribution Companies, among many more, including out-sourced work from other water treatment companies.


Portawater UK Ltd are a water treatment company who have been in the industry for over 20 years. Their head office and workshop are based in South Woodham Ferrers, Essex.


Clients range from Hospitals, Dentists, Golf Clubs, Hotels, Schools, Food Distribution Companies, among many more, including out-sourced work from other water treatment companies.


Areas of speciality are: Filtration, Chlorination, Sterilisation, and Water Hygiene Service (including analysis of water, cleansing and complete control over legionella), plant install, service & enitre custom offerings.