harvested rain water in watering can

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Save money with harvested water!

Water collecting from rain-fall can be collected in harvest tanks and then be re-used for almost any process or use. Once the water is collected, we can condition it with certain equipment to suit the use it will be used for.

Any sediment or debris is removed using filters, usually on the inlets to the storage tank or by re-circulation. Any bacteria can be disinfected using ultraviolet systems recirculating the tank, so all water going to service is bacteria-free. For this we use our self-clean beacon UV, as the quartz sleeve is constantly polished, not allowing any micro-organisms to settle on the sleeve. This water can be used for almost any use, as pre mentioned.

This type of system is now being installed in many buildings, but can be adapted to older properties without major works or disruption.

The areas where it is widely used are from domestic dwellings to hotels, and any commercial building.

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